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Apple or Samsung — which is the best? 

Choosing the best smartphone available on the market is not a piece of cake. One has to consider the quality of a camera, the usability of an operating system and the availability of external accessories. Let us help you find the right arguments in Exeno’s fierce battle between premium mobile phones: iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung vs Apple

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max belong to the group of the most interesting smartphones of 2021. This is confirmed by the number of questions asked by Exeno’s customers each day. We fully understand, it’s not an easy task to decide Apple or Samsung. Each has some superpowers and limitations, which can be either very useful or a little frustrating in daily usage. That’s why we’ve compiled here the most important arguments, and at the same time we want to offer a 10% special discount on those mobile devices.

Pro camera system

The camera system is the most significant feature, and that’s why many consumers decide to change their mobile smartphone for a new one. iPhone 13 Pro Max has 12MP camera system which contains 3 different modules: Telephoto (with up to 3x optical zoom), Wide and Ultra Wide. Apple also boasts cinematic mode for video recording with a shallow depth of field. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra seems a little better in view of the following specs: super high-resolution camera with 8K video recording plus 108MP Telephoto camera with up to 100x Space zoom. But apart from the specs, in reality both smartphones are ranking leaders and winners of various mobile photography competitions. In DXO Mark mobile ranking recognized as the opinion leader in the field of photography, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max gained 137 points versus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which earned “only” 123 points. 

Ecosystem of applications

Apple’s key distinguishing feature on the market is its own mobile operating system. There is no other manufacturer that can produce and sell devices based on iOS. System is well optimized and polished, with apps working seamlessly, and as some people put it, it is a failure-free example. On the other hand, many suggest that iOS is extremely limited. You can’t do anything without Apple’s permissions. Android is a whole different story. There are a lot of manufacturers who design and sell smartphones based on a platform from Google. Chinese brands are dominant; however Samsung is still the largest producer of mobile devices in many regions. Android’s popularity is shown by the external accessories that can be bought separately on the market. But also, some point this indicate this as serious concern, due to instability and some app crashes.

Additional accessories Apple or Samsung

A smartphone is a must-have device in a today’s digitally dominated world, but also not the only one worthwhile worth considering. There are many gadgets and extra accessories on the market worth trying out, with watches undoubtedly the most popular ones. Apple Watch 7 is the newest one in the lineup. The larger full screen display makes it easier to use and operate. For the first time, Apple allowed users to use a QWERTY keyboard in the watch. The device designed by Apple is also water, dust, and crack resistant. It enables you to measure your blood oxygen level and control your heart rate. The top of Samsung’s lineup is taken by Galaxy Watch 4. Alike Apple, Samsung watch can monitor your ECG, track your sleep quality, and work out automatically. Galaxy Watch 4 Classic works as an extension to your phone, so you can talk, stream and text from your wrist on the go.

Headphones with noise cancellation

People want to be able to commute, work from home, exercise and listen comfortably to a good podcast or music at the same time. In such events, headphones with Active Noise Cancellation are one of the most desirable smartphone companions. Thanks to the ANC you can enjoy listening to the sound coming from your mobile device without being disturbed by any external noise. “Immerse yourself into your own world” is exactly what Samsung claims in its slogan on the Galaxy Buds 2 website, and that’s not an empty promise. You will be pleased to hear a well-balanced sound quality, booming bass and crystal-clear trebles on Galaxy Buds 2. Headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for long hours during work from home or the most active physical exercises. The same is with Apple AirPods Pro. Headphones from Apple, while being sweat and water resistant, are equipped with spatial audio technology and one of the best Active Noise Cancellation systems on the market. 

Similar features and functionalities, numerous external accessories, thousands of applications, and still not sure which smartphone should be yours? Only now, both premium Apple and Samsung devices are available on Exeno at a special 10% discount. CHECK IT NOW

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