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A mysterious persona behind Bitcoin

The cryptic name of Satoshi Nakamoto is, ironically, the most famous name in the crypto world: thanks to the invention of Bitcoin, the most widespread crypto.  Let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin creator’s presumptive identities.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin creator

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of a person or group of people who developed the first-ever cryptocurrency, released a well-known white paper and created the first version of the software for the Bitcoin protocol. Seeing its enormous potential, Bitcoin is one of the cryptos that you can shop with at Exeno

Several attempts have been made to uncover the real person or group behind this name, but none of them has been successful. What are the known candidates for the crypto era originator? Let’s find out.

Dorian Nakamoto 

In March 2014, the Newsweek news magazine identified Dorian Nakamoto as the first crypto begetter. There were some similarities found between Dorian and Satoshi, like Japanese roots and libertarian leanings. Dorian Nakamoto was a Japanese-American, who had graduated in physics from California Polytechnic and worked as a systems engineer on classified defence projects at that time. A Newsweek article claimed that he had left the Bitcoin project. 

However, Dorian denied his involvement in Bitcoin creation. He explained that he couldn’t talk about his previous projects in view of the importance of data security, and not because he is ‘the’ mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Hal Finney

The Caltech graduate and renowned cypherpunk activist, Hal Finney was a leading figure in the cryptic world even before the launch of Bitcoin and (he) was also the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction

Finney believed in libertarian and anarchic ideas promoting individual freedom. The same views were expressed in Satoshi Nakamoto’s messages. It is worthwhile to mention that he lived a few blocks away from Dorian Nakamoto, who was alleged to have inspired such a pseudonym. 

Although Hal Finney had shown a keen interest in Satoshi Nakamoto’s peer-to-peer cash system invention, he denied his role in Bitcoin creation. There was no concrete evidence of him being Satoshi. Hal Finney died in 2014. 

Craig Wright

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist and businessman, is a person who claimed to be part of a Bitcoin-creation team and called himself a person behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym.

In December 2015, Wired Magazine announced that Wright had “the strongest evidence yet of Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity.” This evidence included references to a “cryptocurrency paper” on Wright’s blog post dated before the launch of Bitcoin, and was leaked through correspondence with Wright’s lawyer mentioning a ‘peer-to-peer distributed ledger’. Yet, all those messages and posts appeared to be backdated.

Despite that flimsy evidence, Craig Wright still claims to be the man behind Bitcoin. In 2021, Wright found himself in a series of legal disputes that could ultimately prove or disprove his claims about being Satoshi Nakamoto, a billionaire and a genius who has invented the most popular cryptocurrency. 

The mystery around Bitcoin only arouses interest in cryptocurrencies. To experience innovative Satoshi-style shopping, go to the Exeno store and put your Bitcoins to good use. 

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