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5 reasons why Crypto Weeks are better than Black Friday

Black Friday is a well-known shopping day when overexcited customers buy goods at bargain prices. At Exeno, we have something even better to offer: not only a single day but Crypto Weeks with up to 25% OFF!

Crypto Weeks

Black Friday is usually the Friday following Thanksgiving, known as the biggest sales day of the year. The term “Black Friday” was first mentioned in the 1950s by Philadelphia police officers complaining about the overcrowded city centre during this day. For many stores, the said day symbolized an opening of the Christmas shopping season and therefore time for the biggest promotions. 

On Exeno, the time for tempting offers with up to a 25% per cent discount has just kicked off, and it’ll not last for a couple of days but for two Crypto Weeks, a true crypto shopping fest!

One Day VS Crypto Weeks

Whereas Black Friday promotions typically run for 1 to 3 days, it doesn’t apply to Exeno. Our customers can enjoy the entire two weeks of UP to 25% discounts on laptops, graphic cards, gaming gear, smartphones and smartwatches. During Crypto Weeks, we come up with an offer of the biggest discount rates yet in our store. It’s the second special offer on such a scale at Exeno and an opportunity not to be missed by our customers to get superior techs at a nice price.

All the products above 2,000 USDT will come with 25% off; the products priced between 1500 USDT and 1999 USDT – with a 15% discount and products between 50 USDT and 1500 USDT – with 10% off.

Save both: time and money

With all its benefits, Black Friday has a crucial downside: jam-packed stores with unbearably long lines. Had you known that, on average, shoppers will stand 2.5 hours in line for the desired product? On Exeno, you can easily shop from home while lounging on your comfortable sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. Secure, direct crypto payments with no FIAT conversions make Crypto Weeks so exceptional.

Be safe with Exeno

Black Friday is not only the most popular shopping day but also a high time for ATM skimming, online scams and other sorts of fraud. Shopping on Exeno is safe as our payment solution is supported by Kanga.Exchange, the largest Central European crypto-asset exchange. The safety of the crypto transactions carried out at our store is our top priority.

Crypto Week at every home 

Although an estimated 50-60% of 195 countries across the world “celebrate” Black Friday in some form, still not everyone has joined this shopping festival. Thanks to crypto features, particularly seamless international transfers, the whole planet can join our Crypto Weeks shopping spree. We ensure worldwide delivery, so all you need to do is to choose the products and provide us with your contact details. The parcel will be delivered within 7-21 days, just right on time for Xmas. 

Shopping from your couch 

Black Friday sales can spiral out of control: there have been plenty of cases when shopping turned into pitched battles for the most sought-after discounts. Sometimes, those even lead to serious injuries. And considering the pandemic that we are now struggling with, it’s better to stay home and shop online. Especially for the sweet deals with up to 25% OFF from Exeno during the Crypto Weeks.

Get ready for the upcoming holidays! Shop for the best techs of famous brands at generous discounts during Crypto Weeks on Exeno

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