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Easy direct crypto payments on Exeno

Exeno is the first crypto-only online store with direct online payments. This one-of-a-kind approach to online shopping makes Exeno serve as a bridge between the crypto and e-commerce world. Let’s take a closer look at how these direct payments are executed.  


The possibility to pay for goods with BTC, ETH, BTCV and USDT without FIAT conversions in real-time is the main feature of the Exeno store. In this article, we’ll unveil this FIAT-free purchasing process. 

Kanga.Exchange – Exeno’s trusted crypto partner 

Kanga.Exchange is our trusted business partner. Together, we have developed a unique solution that allows users to make real-time purchases in our store. Kanga.Exchange is the largest Central European crypto-asset exchange, a platform dedicated to all participants of the cryptocurrency market, i.e. investors, creators, brokers and other entities. The platform is officially approved by KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), which is a confirmation of Kanga’s strong position in the crypto market. 

The heart of the project is the creation of transaction processing mechanisms for users who prefer other payment methods than those with traditional currencies.

After the registration process on, you automatically receive individual wallets for making transactions with cryptocurrencies accepted at Exeno: BTC, ETH, BTCV and USDT. Those Exeno wallets are provided together with Kanga.Exchange and are the key to this direct crypto payment process. After setting up your Kanga password, you can go shopping on right away. 

Direct crypto payments: easy and secure

Your cryptos will be transferred to your Exeno wallets without any confusing KYC procedures. A unique payment solution of Exeno wallets allows real-time payments: you don’t have to convert your cryptos to FIAT money. After topping up one of your wallets, there will be no other time-consuming actions required on your part. Just fill up your cart with your favorite products and proceed to checkout. 

Running an in-house payment system allows us to mitigate another nagging worry of crypto users: the notorious exchange rate fluctuations. At Exeno, the exchange rate is temporarily locked for the time needed to complete a transaction, so you always know what you’ll end up paying. 

You can easily withdraw your funds from the Exeno Wallets: you’re always in control of your funds at Exeno. 

The Kanga.Exchange system provides a 2FA verification that is two-factor authentication. Then even if your e-mail box is hacked or your passwords are stolen, no unauthorized individual will log into your Kanga account, because you will be requested to confirm the logging event by providing a code known only to you. 

The #BuyByCrypto process is the future of online shopping, and Exeno allows its customers to get that experience of buying their favorite products using direct crypto payments.

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