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Top-3 multiplayer games to play with your friends

Co-op games are the funniest way to spend your leisure time with your beloved ones. Add these games to your must-play list. 

Bundle deal

Spend these autumn evenings playing the best co-op games with your friends and family. With Exeno special bundle deals, you won’t wonder where to get an extra controller or a console camera to share your gaming excitement. It’s the most appealing offer of the season for crypto and gaming enthusiasts. 

Let’s explore these games and special gaming offers from Exeno!

It Takes Two

As the name suggests, It Takes Two is a game that is not played alone. A true genre-blending experience awaits adventurous gamers. Representing one of the most unusual and inventive cooperative games in history, It Takes Two has a lot to offer: puzzle-solving, arcade elements, and different skills changing from level to level. 

The game plot is developing around a couple on the verge of divorce. You’re playing this quarrelling duo and rising to the gameplay challenges specifically designed for playing together. That’s why this game comes with a single free pass for your friend so you can buy just one game for two people (because it takes two, right?). 

For such a co-op game, you’ll definitely need a second controller and at this point, Exeno comes to the rescue. With our bundle deal: PlayStation 5 + Second Controller DualSense you’ll get a truly immersive experience from this co-op masterpiece. Alternatively, if you are eager to share your gaming tactics with others, there is another Exeno offer: PlayStation 5 + Sony HD Camera for PlayStation. It’s a dream come true for a gaming enthusiast, isn’t it? 


The more the merrier: it just has to be a Fortnite slogan as it gets funnier with more friends playing together. It’s a fast-paced survival game with 100 players fighting against each other. 

Forget your strategic mind and commit yourself to action, chaos and amusement. Take on weekly challenges, pick your favourite characters and cooperate with your friends to construct a base and ward off the enemies. 

Easy gameplay, bright graphics and new modes – all in one free-to-play game, Fortnite. Enjoy this all-fun-in-one game with Exeno special offer: PlayStation 5 + Second Controller DualSense + Docking Station! Or, perhaps you prefer playing games on a large-screen tablet? Then, opt for the iPad Pro 11 + AirPods Pro bundle deal. Excellent sound and high-resolution graphics are guaranteed. Check out these special high-end tech offers.

Don’t Starve Together

Find out another co-op survival game: Don’t Starve Together. Gather resources, build bases, explore the dangerous but alluring world around you together with a friend who is poised to face eerie creatures and do whatever it takes to stay alive for one more night. 

Craft tools, prepare food, hide from mysterious inhabitants of this uncharted territory. The game will be a perfect complement to a snug but grim evening of yours when you crave something to keep your blood throbbing. 

Enjoy this thrilling game on Xbox Series S from Get Xbox Series S 512 GB + MS Xbox X as a special offer from the Exeno store and invite your friend to survive together in this scary game world.

Don’t miss out: get these techs now and plunge into riveting gameplay of co-op games! Hot bundle game deals are waiting for you on

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