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Exeno is a one-of-a-kind store with direct crypto payments in BTC, ETH, BTCV and USDT. If that sounds like your cup of tea, and you’re curious about our innovative approach to e-commerce or the inner workings of the world’s first crypto-only store, we have good news for you! Right now, you can get all your questions answered via our new Live Chat!

Live chat

The Exeno team are always looking for ways to make our store more convenient and customer-friendly. We hope that the newly introduced Live Chat will help you reach us more easily! You can find our Live Chat in the bottom-left corner of the homepage under the ‘Chat’ button: just type your name, e-mail, and message.

The live feature is available Monday-Friday 10 AM5 PM (Paris/ Berlin/ Rome time), but you can drop us a line anytime and the Exeno Customer Support team will respond ASAP. 

We receive dozens of customer inquiries every day, asking about delivery times, payment features, and product availability. What we love the most, however, are the messages we receive after guiding you through the purchase process, like an e-mail from Cooper saying ‘[…] your payments in crypto just rock! It’s really instant!’. And his is not an isolated view: 

Tatiana made her first payment with us and shared a short but really gratifying review: ‘[…] the experience was really smooth!’ 

Mikha365 highlighted the convenience of shopping at Exeno: ‘[…] you guys rock! easy UI, relatively easy purchasing process, no hiccups with delivery’.

We want you to feel the same way, so feel free to ask us about the assortment, delivery time, the shopping process, or the company itself – anything you want to know. We’ll help you find the answer or solution regarding any issues or reservations you might have.

 Likewise, if you have any feedback, you are very welcome to share it in the Live Chat. Our team will be glad to hear about your experience shopping with us.

Exeno’s main goal is to make shopping with crypto fast, pleasant, and convenient. We’re sure looking forward to introducing even more customer-centered features in the future.

Enjoy shopping with direct crypto payments and tell us about your experience or issues via our Live Chat.

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