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Exeno’s innovative approach to online shopping

Exeno is the first e-store accepting direct crypto payments in 4 currencies: BTC, ETH, BTCV and USDT. Our distinctive approach to online shopping relies on elevating the conventional e-commerce experience using the newest technological advancements. What does this mean? Let’s take a closer look to find out!

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The introduction of cryptocurrency payments was a gamechanger for the e-commerce industry: the technology has plenty of features beneficial to online shoppers. Crypto offers unprecedented financial freedom (no third parties can block your funds), convenience (you only need an Internet connection and your wallet address to make a transfer) and speed (transfers won’t take longer than 10 minutes regardless date, time, or location). 

Imagine all these benefits combined with solutions aimed at making online shopping even easier, more enjoyable, and rewarding. That’s the essence of Exeno’s innovative approach to online shopping, one that we’re so proud of. 

No FIAT conversions

Exchanging crypto and FIAT currencies is costly: it attracts taxes and is unpredictable due to crypto volatility.

Exeno’s direct crypto payment system eliminates those unnecessary expenses. And it’s really simple: create dedicated Exeno wallet(s), transfer your crypto, and use it to pay for any products available on, no FIAT conversion involved. And, very importantly, you remain fully in control of your money: you can withdraw from Exeno wallets whenever you want.

Real-time payments

You might think that the existence of Exeno wallets will only complicate your shopping experience. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our payment solution enables real-time payments, so your cryptos will be transferred to your Exeno wallet within seconds, without any confusing QR codes or KYC procedures.

Having an in-house payment system allows us to eliminate another common worry of crypto users: the infamous exchange rate fluctuations. At Exeno, the exchange rate is temporarily blocked for the time needed to complete a transaction, so you always know what you’ll end up paying. And if you need an extra bit of unchangeableness, why not use USDT? This stablecoin combines the benefits of traditional currencies with those inherent to crypto. As you can see, everyone can #BuyByCrypto, no matter their preferences.

Low, fixed commission

And the savings don’t stop there. Exeno charges only 1.8 per cent commission, unlike other stores accepting crypto payments, which can charge up to 8 per cent of the purchase value. In addition, Exeno’s commission rate doesn’t depend on the amount spent in our store – you’re free to buy as little or as much as you’d like. Simple and fair.

Shopping with Exeno is fast, simple, convenient and cost-effective: this #BuyByCrypto futuristic experience is totally worth giving a try.

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