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Cryptocurrency News Digest: August

Why did Britney Spears make purchases with Bitcoins? What is Vogue Singapore’s attitude towards the NFTs revolution? And how is TikTok now related to blockchain? These are the key themes covered in August’s Crypto News Digest. Let’s go through the hot topics of the month!  

Cryptocurrency News

At Exeno, we are truly involved in the crypto community and always follow the latest industry news. It comes with the territory: we do run the world’s first crypto-only online store and implement the most advanced crypto solutions. 

Here are some of the topics that grabbed the headlines, and our attention, in August.  

Brintey Spears used Bitcoin to make purchases in 2014  

As you might know, the famous singer has been under the conservatorship of her father since 2008 and is now fighting to permanently end the arrangement. Her fight for independence extends to more than legal battles, however. She has also taken advantage of the privacy features inherent to the blockchain. In 2014, Britney used Bitcoin microtransactions to hide her spending. Thanks to their anonymous nature, her activity was untraceable, even to Jamie Spears who Britney was afraid of.  

Britney’s Bitcoin use was confirmed by Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, hosts of the Toxic podcast investigating her case.  

Vogue Singapore presented its first NFTs collection 

Vogue, the global Fashion Bible, is planning to create a link between the cryptosphere and luxury brands. The September issue of Vogue Singapore focuses on the ‘NFT revolution’ and is promoted by multiple animated covers, available as NFTs. The magazine has also released its NFT Mystery Box Collection on Binance NFT Marketplace.  

The boxes contain artwork representing the sunrise, as experienced in ten major cities: Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. Additionally, collectors who obtain all 10 NFTs will have the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition graphic of the sunrise in Singapore Vogue Singapore’s NFT release signals a truly ground-breaking change of how the brand chooses to interact with its readers.

Tik Tok collaborates with the Streaming Service Audius

Tik Tok and the blockchain-based music streaming platform Audius announced their collaboration: musicians present on Audius can now upload their tracks to Tick Tock with a single click.  

Audius is a new player on what might seem to be a saturated market: Apple Music and Spotify are household names and industry giants. Yet, its decentralized nature attracts more and more new users: it has grown five-fold this year alone, expanding its customer base from one million people at the beginning of the year to five million in August. In a true crypto spirit, the platform is characterised by its artist-centred approach, aiming to give creators more control over their music by being fully transparent about data and royalties.  

Though the ability to share one’s music to Tik Tok is not new, the process has been significantly streamlined. This is a yet another example of how advanced technology can significantly reduce the number of steps needed to achieve the desired result. That’s what Exeno excels at: our store provides a smooth cryptocurrency-centred shopping experience powered by direct crypto payments and eliminating FIAT conversion and KYC procedures.   

Stay tuned and get ready for the new crypto facts and news on  


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