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Crypto and Exeno are changing the world of shopping

The pandemic has really solidified online shopping’s reputation as by far the handiest way to buy goods. The current popularity of e-commerce means it’s high time to make the process significantly speedier and more effortless. At Exeno, we believe that it’s cryptocurrencies that will make online shopping even more convenient. And we know how to prove it.

Online shopping with cryptocurrency

Exeno is a global e-commerce pioneer in adopting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. We are convinced that crypto payments and e-commerce are collectively shaping the future. That’s why our store lets you pay for a wide range of products directly with cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BTCV). This method means there’s no FIAT conversion at any stage of the transaction, making the process simpler and more affordable. 

Why should online shoppers switch to crypto payments?  

The estimated global user base of cryptocurrencies increased by 190 per cent between 2018 and 2020. That’s certainly a hint for the e-commerce industry. Cryptocurrencies and e-commerce are a perfect match. That’s because:  

  • Customers may benefit financially by purchasing goods with crypto 

Thanks to fluctuating cryptocurrency prices, customers might find themselves with an opportunity to buy goods at a bargain price. The most spectacular deals are made if crypto has been bought at a knockdown price and spent when its value is rising. 

  • Customers hold total control of their funds and data  

Thanks to blockchain technology, there are no intermediaries in crypto transactions. Thus, parties needn’t worry about any troubles with banking procedures or operations, the likes of unpredictable transaction cancellations or money transfer restrictions. Crypto transactions are completely anonymous: you won’t be required to expose any sensitive data. For instance, the Exeno store asks you to provide only your name, e-mail, and delivery address. 

  • Customers can make international transactions quickly and at a lower cost 

There are no borders for crypto: you can send your money abroad 24/7 with low commissions. As crypto transactions don’t need to be confirmed by countless external institutions, they’re much faster than those made using FIAT money. Plus, unlike the latter, no government restrictions apply.

How is Exeno changing the world of e-commerce?  

There are two main concerns regarding crypto payment methods: the rapid exchange rate fluctuations and their potential to interfere with the purchasing process, and the need to pay high commissions when exchanging crypto for FIAT money. At Exeno, we managed to eliminate both.  

  • There are no FIAT conversions when shopping with Exeno

At our store, you can pay directly with your crypto (BTC, ETH, BTCV). Customers need only to register on our platform and create Exeno wallets (that’s where you’ll transfer crypto used for shopping with us). You can withdraw your crypto from Exeno wallets at any time. As you see, no FIAT money is involved in this process. Thus, you are not losing any of your funds to those pesky fees!

  • The checkout price is temporarily blocked till you make the payment 

The final price of your purchase, including delivery costs, is displayed at checkout. This price will be locked in for a minute, giving you enough time to proceed with the payment and thus ensuring there won’t be any unforeseen expenses due to crypto price fluctuations. Easy, safe, and very convenient.  

  • Exeno makes shopping with cryptocurrencies cheaper and easier 

A low and fixed commission of 1.8 percent per purchase is certainly something so far unknown to crypto enthusiasts. Other stores offering crypto as a payment option usually charge much higher commissions (up to 8 per cent). Further distinguishing us from the competition, we don’t partake in exhausting KYC procedures or use QR codes. This saves you time and energy when you #BuyByCrypto at Exeno.

Real-time crypto payments with no FIAT conversions or redundant procedures ― this is the future of online shopping, and the present reality offered by Exeno. After all, shopping should be fun, easy, and safe. 

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