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The shopping experience at Exeno described by Cointelegraph

Exeno is a unique e-commerce platform that allows customers to buy smartphones, tablets, PCs, and many other goods directly with cryptocurrencies. You can even buy the notoriously hard-to-get PS5, so desired by gamers worldwide! Exeno was featured in Cointelegraph because of the extraordinary shopping opportunities it offers.


Exeno’s innovative approach to online shopping was highlighted in Cointelegraph, the leading independent digital medium in the world of blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends. The platform features the recent crypto news, in-depth analyses, educational materials, interviews, and opinion pieces on cryptocurrencies and their transformative impact on society. 

The extensive revolution in payment methods accepted in e-commerce deserves particular attention. Given cryptocurrency’s rising popularity, businesses need to simplify and facilitate its use. Exeno leads the way and is a great example of the efficient implementation of cryptocurrency payments. We don’t use excessive screening procedures: no ID scans or KYC processes are required. And, very importantly, we don’t ask you to exchange your crypto for FIAT money (therefore, you don’t lose out on conversion rates). With a 1.8 per cent fixed commission and worldwide shipping, Exeno embraces new payment technologies and delivers the best service to its customers. 

Being crypto fans, the Exeno team are excited to be featured in such an influential cryptocurrency media outlet. 

The article, outlines the Exeno shopping experience, all from a perspective of a new customer. You can read it here.

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