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E-commerce and crypto – a perfect match

Cryptocurrencies are the only payment method accepted at That’s because we strongly believe that cryptocurrencies’ potential easily surpasses that of fiats. Digital currency is also an ideal solution for e-commerce.

e-commerce and crypto

E-commerce: a rapidly growing market

According to Worldometer, there are almost 7.85 billion people in the world (and 9 million bicycles in Beijing, according to Katie Melua). Over 2.14 billion are expected to buy goods and services online in 2021, as reported by Statista. The maths is simple: close to 30% of the world population is set to shop at virtual stores.

The expansion of e-commerce is considerable: in 2014 ‘only’ 1.3 billion people shopped online. New platforms are constantly created in an effort to meet the growing demand. Some of those let you buy whatever your heart desires with a simple click of a mouse. Exeno, an innovative online store, is one of them.

Cryptocurrencies as the answer

The cryptocurrency and e-commerce industries share many similarities: both are relatively new, have grown significantly in recent years, and use cutting-edge solutions. Online shops are built thanks to advanced information technology; cryptocurrencies use a ground-breaking infrastructure called a blockchain. Both are innovative, modern, and on the brink of taking the world by storm.

Crypto and e-commerce also share a purpose: to replace more conventional, slightly outdated solutions. E-commerce eliminates the need to venture out to buy something that’s easily available online. Cryptocurrencies strive to replace cash.

That is why these two industries work together so well. They have a similar history, shared purpose and perspective on the field’s evolution. They are the future.

Exeno embodies the best

Our shop combines the advantages of e-commerce and cryptocurrencies. We took their best features and implemented them at exeno. You can buy your favorite things without leaving home or sweating over the limitations of your bank account, etc. You can simply pay with crypto, wherever you are.

Shopping must be quick, simple, and easy. You should be able to acquire goods in a blink of an eye and without having to involve any redundant third parties. Exeno offers you just that.

Innovation: that’s what makes a great business. At Exeno, we believe that success depends on offering a service that easily surpasses the competition. It takes more than a wide range of products or great community support. Exeno can succeed only if it will always be at least one step ahead. And we accomplish that ambition by being the first global e-commerce accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

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