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Exeno’s unique features

Global demand for online shopping peaked in 2020, with growth rates exceeding even the most optimistic expectations. And this upsurge is far from over. Online shopping will break more records and once again transform the way we purchase goods.

Exeno’s unique features

Popularity of cryptocurrencies

Since fiat currencies’ value depends on the decisions of a few key governmental players, the global political uncertainty has forced individuals to look for new ways of value retention. Cryptocurrencies were introduced in 2009, after the global financial crisis, but it’s the corona-crisis that caused them to boom in popularity.

With digital cryptocurrencies rising to popularity and e-commerce taking over many brick-and-mortar shops’ customers, the emergence of an online store accepting cryptocurrencies is a natural and inevitable step. We decided to create a store, which can provide as many great things as eBay or Amazon, but where you can pay with crypto. That’s why we call this an (R)evolution.

How does stand out?

Let’s be frank here. When you’re shopping, the main concern is cost. We know that. That’s why we decided to go with the most wallet-friendly approach.

We decided to create a platform with solutions allowing us to take as small a fee as possible. While you may encounter shops accepting cryptocurrencies, you won’t find one with that low commission. Our competitors usually charge 8% or even more. AT EXENO.COM YOU WILL PAY ONLY 1.8% FEE FOR YOUR PURCHASES (and it’s a fixed fee, so you don’t need to worry about any fluctuations). Also, Exeno is the only online cryptocurrency store, which uses real-time payments. Any other crypto e-commerce doesn’t offer that!

Furthermore, you don’t need to send your funds to external entities. Individual wallets for every customer are created during the registration process. Thanks to our technological innovations, you are in full control of your cryptos.

Platforms accepting crypto usually make you choose the least-bad option. They are either too slow, over-complicated or they take a too high commission. But shopping should be easy, fast, convenient, and not expensive. At Exeno, you get all of those, you don’t need to choose. You get the best option.

What also makes Exeno better than the competition?

  • Acceptance of most popular, ubiquitous cryptos
    The cryptocurrency market is big, and new coins surface every week. We only accept well-known cryptos with a strong safety record, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. We also honor Bitcoin Vault – a new, high-potential currency with an additional level of security.
  • Real-time payments thanks to unique and innovative solutions
    Cryptocurrency payments used to be really troublesome. Having to deal with all the fees and conversion to fiat money… Fortunately, that’s not how works! Here, you #BuyByCrypto directly with a fixed 1.8% fee, no hidden transaction costs, and no conversion to fiat. Exeno Wallets let you mitigate any risks connected with exchange rates, thanks to the use of real-time payments. No links, no QR codes!
  • Wide range of products obtained directly from manufacturers and official distributors is truly one of a kind. We built the first globally operating store accepting cryptocurrencies only, and we want to go big! We stock products from a wide range of categories: from PC gaming through smartphones and other electronics, to furniture and many more. The products come with official manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Global shipment by professional companies
    We deliver our parcels on time, with a typical global delivery time of up to 7 days. Once the package is sent, you’ll receive a tracking number for your order. All our parcels are insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your order is in safe hands.

Back in 1962, scientist Everett Rogers popularized a theory known as the Diffusion of Innovations. The legacy of this theory is a concept commonly known as the Rogers Division Curve. It outlines the process of adoption of new technologies in a given society. According to Rogers, only 2.5% of the population are innovators, the rest being more or less sceptical. We believe that Buying By Crypto is an innovation of great importance and global scale, a true (R)evolution in online shopping.

Buy By Crypto. Become the innovator. Be the 2.5 Per Cent. Do it with

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