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Cryptocurrencies at Exeno: BTC, ETH, and BTCV

At, we accept three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). There are plenty of reasons why we chose these three coins. Let us describe their advantages.

cryptocurrencies at exeno

Cryptocurrencies have existed for just over a decade. Initially, there was only one crypto: Bitcoin. However, soon followed Satoshi Nakamoto’s path and created their own digital coins. The concept caught fire and, as of January 2021, there are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies in circulation. With so many candidates, why did we choose these three?

Bitcoin (BTC)

At Exeno, you can #BuyByCrypto with the best cryptocurrencies. That is why we decided to implement Bitcoin as a means of payment. BTC is an industry leader: the oldest, the biggest in terms of market capitalization, and the most used cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin value has been proven many times.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s anonymous creator, aimed to design a transparent and independent currency. Soon after that, Bitcoin miners started to build the decentralized world. BTC proved time after time that it can fulfill Satoshi’s vision to its fullest. Today, Bitcoin price is at its peak.

At Exeno, we want to give you the best global online store with the most comprehensive offer. That is why we decided to add Bitcoin as one of our accepted cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is much more than a crypto. It’s a whole ecosystem that enables all parties involved to use it in many different ways. Ethereum was the first blockchain that successfully challenged Bitcoin. In fact, it is currently the most frequently used blockchain in the world.

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is a decentralized software platform providing its users with smart contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps), among other solutions. It also serves as a payment method.

Some say that there are two camps in the cryptosphere: those who use Bitcoin, and those who believe in Ethereum. At, there is a place for both and many more.

Bitcoin Vault (BTCV)

Compared to the aforementioned household names, Bitcoin Vault is relatively new. However, it’s already attracting the cryptocurrency industry’s attention. Why? Because of its architecture. BTCV is designed to make full use of Bitcoin’s best features while also improving on its weaknesses.

Bitcoin Vault provides an additional level of security based on a 3-keys security structure. The currency offers several layers of safety protection and multisig transactions for fast payments. As the BTCV developers say, their coin is an ultimate digital store of value; much better than gold or any other precious metal.

Bitcoin Vault offers security, transparency, and plenty of possibilities. That is why we implemented that cryptocurrency at

Next steps

As of right now, Exeno, the very first global crypto-centered e-commerce, accepts three digital coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). However, we are open-minded and aren’t opposed to welcoming more cryptocurrencies to our platform.

We believe in our community. You showed us a lot of support and trust in the recent weeks. As we stated before, your needs are at the center of what we do. So, if you want another crypto at Exeno, we will do our best to bring it to you. After all, we deliver.

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