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Why is it worth buying with cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies have a wide variety of applications. They can be used for trading, investing, or hedging. But they can also serve as a means of payment. In fact, buying by crypto offers many advantages over conventional methods!

buying with cryptocurrency

Exeno, the very first global online store accepting cryptocurrencies, is ready to receive your orders. What makes buying with crypto so appealing? Let’s find out!

Issue of trust

Over twelve years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto – the anonymous creator of Bitcoin – published his manifesto entitled A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. He outlined the main purpose of peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic money at the very onset of his study: to eliminate the need for financial institutions and other intermediaries. This idea started a new industry, which now has the potential to take over as a global financial ecosystem.

The traditional money exchange model has one fundamental drawback: it is based on trust. The financial operator is responsible for the safety and protection of transactions. This involvement of regulatory parties increases the costs of purchase. Cryptocurrencies eliminate the middlemen without taking away the essential protection of transactions. Every transfer of digital funds is verified and secured through the blockchain technology itself, using computing power.

Consequently, blockchain transactions are much cheaper. Since you don’t pay the middlemen, the transaction costs are reduced. This has been repeatedly proven by the cryptocurrency industry. There are many examples of really small fees on transactions worth hundreds of millions of dollars conducted on the blockchain! $0.26 fee for transferring over 50 thousand BTC or $0.51 for 123 thousand BTC are just two of them.

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency transactions don’t compromise on your safety and are a much more economical solution.

Advantages of paying with crypto

There are many pros of using cryptocurrency as means of payment. The most important of them are:

  • Full control over your funds
    With cryptocurrencies, intermediaries aren’t necessary. Because of that, you hold all of the cards and have control over your money till the very end of a transaction. You don’t have to trust banks, you are a one-person bank.
  • International reach, 24/7
    Have you ever struggled to send money on the weekend or bank holiday? Cryptocurrencies eliminate that problem. You can make crypto transfers from every place on the planet without waiting for banks to book your transaction.
  • Data protection
    Using cryptocurrencies is anonymous. Contrary to banks, you don’t have to provide every sensitive piece of data you can think of. At, you just need to provide your name, e-mail, and delivery address.
  • Safety
    Due to advanced cryptography, crypto transactions are much more secure than traditional money transfers. Still, they are really easy to execute: you can make your crypto payment within a minute.

Buying with crypto at Exeno

Buying at exeno is simple, easy, and quick. We take every advantage of cryptocurrencies’ potential and implement cutting-edge solutions on our platform. Our shop is the first global e-commerce that accepts only cryptocurrencies.

We believe that everyone should have a choice. That’s why we enable you to buy every product you need with crypto. You can either waste your time with traditional money transfers, or you can choose a different path. You can either put your trust in centralized banks, or you can be in charge of your funds from start to finish. You can either stagnate or be at the front of the crypto revolution.

You can use old, traditional methods, or be one of the trailblazers and #BuyByCrypto at The choice is up to you.

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